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I to have a 2011 mountaineer edition 5th wheel trailer and my roof leaks my Fantastic roof cents also don't work and furnace to has died on me I'm too out $50 000 for this piece of *** and the dealer is tellin me to suck it up I think I'm going to take legal action. KEYSTONE RECALLS. Redwood RV Starcraft RV Thor Motor Coach (combined Four Winds International and Damon Motor Coach) Venture RV Great Comment! You always save a buck and give up service. DON'T BUY KEYSTONE OR ANYTHING BUILT BY THOR INDUSTRIES !!! I bought a 2015 passport roof leaking fridge doesn’t work. POMONA, Calif., Oct. 5, 1999 (PRIMEZONE) -- Keystone Automotive Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq:KEYS) issued the following statement regarding the verdict in the class action lawsuit … To me it's their problem, poor building. I have inside info he can use in a class action lawsuit. As a business owner, I would not want a company like that representing my products; giving the impression, we are just another sale and that’s it. I contacted Keystone on numerous occasions and they kept telling me that it's something I need to go through my warranty. I FINELY ( after a long search) found a lawyer in Elkhart that wants to help. We just brought a 2010 Raptor Velocity all decals on the left side are gone and the nose cap is gone. I pulled it apart my self, all the screws rotted ,and the roof trim in the front was lifting, and no sealer on the top third of the corner moldings. You CAN'T get quality THAT fast !!! Also the outside is starting to ripple and come apart, you open the closet and can see daylight coming in, we were told that is how they come.Wall covering in bathroom is coming down Black tank is always full but we are told nothing is wrong and our warranty now has run out, to fix the outside alone will cost us $10,000.00 I think this should be look at by Keystone. Keystone is Sent it back with a big hole in the back bedroom. And you WONDER why the leak ????? If you can’t accomplish that, I would appreciate a complete refund plus the $1000 expense we incurred for portable air units to maintain our family’s safety, because of these malfunctions. Sorry I did not realize I wasn't signed in. Class action lawsuit against Keystone/Montana? Keystone Rv Cons: Keystone RV. Learn how to file a class action lawsuit Here’s the step-by-step process. I bought a brand new Keystone Hornet and it leaks from the slide out. YOU CAN'T !!!! Welcome to the Salem RV Park . It has been in the shop for 5 months and counting! Let this be a warning to EVERYONE !! To learn more about the ways to appreciate the reviewer please visit Which resulted in us spending another thousand dollars for three portable air conditioning units. You will be automatically registered on our site. Lot of mold and warped wood. He had to get up every three hours in the middle of the night to empty the water bay on the units. Private messages do not impact your company rating. We bought a 2011 Keystone Alpine...it's been a nightmare since day one...sparks shooting out of ceiling fan, kitchen slide tearing up vinyl flooring, windows won't seal closed, horrible odor under kitchen cabinets, outside skirting coming off while traveling down the road, rubber roof coming off, mattress deteriated to the point of unusable...they had it in the shop 3 MONTHS and still havent fixed the majority of problems...and we are full-timers. www.realthanks.com. Use our free directory to instantly connect with verified Class Action Lawsuit attorneys. For more on this class action law suit go to http://www.5thwheelreviews.com for all the information. I have a unit with structure defect. The women told me I would just have to take it, that was the process. They refuse to pay since I am out of factory warranty. The roof started leaking. They DO NOT care about their customers, they just STEAL their money and laugh all the way to the bank!!! They told me I have to deal with Keystone RV because it was over the 90 Day period to do "Small Fixes" is what the dealer called it. It will take 3 months to repair. I tried claiming on the insurance , declined. Scott, I will join your class action lawsuit and so will two others. With all of these KEYSTONE products out there that people paid 10's of thousands of dollars for, that KEYSTONE WON'T stand behind, someone should find a product liability lawyer and start a class action lawsuit !!! Compare the best Class Action Lawsuit lawyers near Keystone, IN today. If you want your response Those of you out there looking for a QUALITY RV, KEYSTONE IS NOT IT !!!! You have to decide if it is worth more money to try and recover any money. Keystone IS selling rv's that they KNOW have design issues and shoddy workmanship. Keystone Manufracturing sent their lawyers to inspect my RV and say that nothing was wrong with my RV. As a side-note, we contacted the Wheels RV where we purchased it and they pretty much washed their hands of it. CrossRoads RV, Inc. 6. It was shipped from the factory to the General RV Michigan dealership then shipped to me. October 13, 2011; Dissent; Via Courthouse News, a potential class action lawsuit against Keystone Mercy Health Plan and Amerihealth Mercy Health Plan over a data breach last year has been sent back to state court – over the arguments of the insurers being sued. There was "NO CLASS" because everybody with Keystones had different problems, HUNDREDS OF THEM !!! Jan 05 2021 01:19 PM . BATON ROUGE – A consumer claims a recreational vehicle he purchased is defective and seeks a rescission of the sale contract. (Attachments: # 1 Civil Cover Sheet, # 2 Summons)(Bolin, Eugene) Modified on 3/9/2018: added filers, edited text language (CMG). I have a 2012 outback 279RB with both problems and contacted customer service to no avail. The Dealer he hawed arount for a week until they decided to fix the problems. Username and password will be sent to you via email. STONY RIDGE RV RENTALS LAURA SCHUSTER REGINE PAUL KJORLIE STONYRIDGEADVENTURES.COM PAUL KJORLIE LAURA SCHUSTER LAURA REGINE BREACH … Keystone RV Company, LLC is the defendant in a proposed class action lawsuit that claims the manufacturer failed to warn consumers of potential health hazards associated with “prolonged” occupancy of its vehicles. Date. Heartland Recreational Vehicles, LLC 5. Please note - there could be multiple recalls for a specific model RV. Breckebridge 7. Keystone RV Company et al, case number 3:20-cv-00154, from Nevada Court. They build these things in 1 DAY !!! This feature is currently under development. Nature of Suit: ... Banking Bankruptcy Benefits California Cannabis Capital Markets Class Action … Jeffrey O. Eldridge filed a complaint on Sept. 10 in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana against Keystone RV Co., Southern RV LLC and U.S. Bank NA alleging that they violated the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and other counts. Bought it new so this would be our last and am having to go and look for another camper. Write a private message as Keystone Rv verified representative. Keystone Rv Pros: They will also misrepresent their RV just to make a sale. thinwater. So keystone jerked me around for over a year until the warranty expired and then said Oops, it expired. We purchased a brand new trailer home in 2017 (we purchased a 2018 model). Review #1546139 is a subjective opinion of DON'T let keystone get away with STEALING our $$$ My address is : grmtchem@***.com. The fact is General RV Utah set up the entire deal, their saleman did a backdoor deal and received a half commission for the sale of the RV. It should be a recall.Scott, I will join your class action lawsuit and so will two others. There was "NO CLASS" because everybody with Keystones had different problems, HUNDREDS OF THEM !! They said to contact the manufacturer and have them deal with it. Review #215507 is a subjective opinion of All we can do is HOPE this will be a lesson to anyone considering any Keystone brand. Buyer Beware of the Montana and that dealer :cry. Then you may not even recover your damages or losses. Desert C. This feature is currently under development. Catherine Papasan and 17 other individuals brought […] Keystone must approve EVERY nut, bolt, and screw therefore dealers have to wait for approval before they can begin repairs or, per the dealers, Keystone won't pay THEM! More then happy to form a line of defective Rv all the way to Matt Zimmerman’s house. Get contact details that poster left for the company. And of course Keystone has NO CLASS either !!! (If you are Wealthy, you get Justice! Considering a class action lawsuit. Airstream Inc. 9. To Thinwater, Keystone does care about our customers, and we review all cases based on facts. I purchased a 2012 Keystone Cougar in Jan. 2014, next to the entrance door there is a factory installed label “POLAR PLUS PACKAGE” I believed it meant the trailer was insulated to with stand sevear cold weather. All we can do now is try to tell as many people as possible what JUNK Keystone makes. I got an set of $7000 to fix. This thing belongs in a junk yard! Sorry people, the lawyer I had backed out, probably because he is in Elkhart and Keystone owns that town. Just traded it in, and it's not a keystone. COMPLAINT CLASS ACTION against defendant Keystone RV Company LLC with JURY DEMAND (Receipt # 0981-5231478), filed by Judith Cole, Louise Michael, and David Johnson. Day 2: in the early morning, our In-command unit froze up. If there is a lawsuit againts keystone I would like to know more. A HARD LESSON TO LEARN, STAY AWAY FROM ALL KEYSTONE DEALERS AND THEIR SISTER COMPANIES RV'S. I have been having the same issues with my Trailer Home. Reason of review: To save a buck this customer decide to buy form a shady dealer and maybe should be looking at them and not the maker. Insurance will not cover it b/c its a factory defect. It was defective from day one. I lost $35k in 3 seasons with the Keystone, NEVER AGAIN !!! Yes they did fix these items, but now new problems have surfaced. There were factory/warranty issues with the RV from the start, but that is to be expected. Had to completely replace. Click for Contact Information As no active threats were reported recently by users, keystonervclassactionlawsuit.com is SAFE to browse. Please note - there could be multiple recalls for a specific model RV. I would take your unit to General RV. BBB accredited since 11/13/2003. You can try to reach review author by writing a comment to the review or try one of our business solutions. Keystone is terrible I bought a new one in April and it's a piece of crap and Keystone does practically nothing but lie to you, Keystone lie like *** to you and screw the consumer over They are doing it to me now They flat out lie Contact me I want everyone to sue them or let's all take our RV back to the factory or to Matt Zemmermans house CW 865-599-****, I am game let’s do it my 2017 40,00 dollar Rv is setting at camping world and is now unsalvagable and Keystone has been giving us the run around for almost 2 yrs . DON'T let keystone get away with STEALING our $$$ My address is : grmtchem@hotmail.com The action was filed in … Our number is 1-866-425-4369. File a complaint and get it resolved. I am the individual who posted the original complaint about 2011 Montana Mountaineer. Resulting in no air conditioning with a heat index of 103 and an inside trailer temp of 98 degrees. They don't care that a lot of their customers are retired and they ARE STEALING their retirement !! 1, Report #1503584 . :(. A hundred of them. They DO NOT CARE !!! No support after they get your money, Poor construction, Product, Were not responsive to my concerns, Does not stand behind product. Delays Continued. ... And, the company had not perpetrated any actions that would incite cyber vigilantes or political Hacktivists. Product or Service Mentioned: 2016 Keystone Rv Hideout Rv. Complaints, reviews, scams, lawsuits and frauds reported for Category: RV Dealers - Topic: Automotive . A week after living in it the furnace did not work, it had a roof leak which flooded the dinette area soaking the curtains,carpeting and cabinets. I do know that the parent company of Keystone RV also manufactures these other RV's. I have 2010 Keystone Bullet 278 RLS and the front caps is delaminating the trailer is less than two years old. Then after service the RV continued to have issues. Scott Becker Sport-11 Tournaments, Leagues & Tours scott.becker@***t-11.com O – 973-446-**** C – 609-377-**** F – 703-266-**** www.sport-11.com. to count towards your company rating, you can also leave a comment for this review. We are a first-time buyer of an RV of any kind, at the urging of our parents who have had an RV for the past decade. looks like a fema trailer. to count towards your company rating, you can also leave a comment for this review. Keystone RV maintains both a corporate Website and a partner portal for its ten thousand dealers. We were more than happy to have you speak to our management team and provide direction when you visited Keystone RV last year. (Deceptive Marketing). Why is it that keystone is allowed to get away with producing a defective product has anybody had keystone … THEY ARE ALL THE SAME AND HAVE THE SAME PROBLEMS. They do JUNK work at the factory and HOPE they get by the 1 year warranty. Even though your unit has been retail owned and utilized since 2013, by *multiple owners* ending with your current ownership; we have offered any assistance that we could offer up to this point. We are processing your message. Judge Robert Scola of the U.S. District Court ruled that the suit be tossed out. As part of that suit, we will petition the Court for certification of the case as a Class action. They tore it apart and fixed it but I now own a new salvage trailer. Rights Reserved, You Are About to Contact PissedConsumer.com, Keystone Rv - JUNK RV's are NORMAL with this company, I have read and agree to the Pissed Consumer. I'm very disappointed in Keystone and beyond frustrated. DON'T just complain about KEYSTONE JUNK, DO SOMETHING!!! Pipeliners Local 798 faces a new class-action lawsuit that claims Black members were denied promotions that were given instead to less-qualified white coworkers. Waiting on Keystone to see it is under warranty. CLASS ACTION ALLEGATIONS 1.1 This is a class action brought on behalf of more than one-hundred (100) consumers who purchased new, recreational vehicles in the state of Washington in the last four years, which were manufactured by the Keystone RV Company. Later I found that package was to include heated blankets on the tanks and pipes wrapped with heat tape non of this installed in my trailer. I wanted to hire a local independent RV repair company to give a report on the shotty workmanship of the Mountaineer and they would not allow it. Would You Like to Convert It Into Review? If anyone can find a lawyer, I can provide a list of people that are interested. Again sorry you are having problems with your trailer, maybe you should take it to Ardell Brown the one who sells and service that brand? Is when there is a large group of people who file a complaint against a Defendant for similar.. I had backed out because of the air unit malfunctions and is well documented booming right now Lewis... To be do e. we will join your class action lawsuit ( entitled in Re: FEMA trailer Formaldehyde Liability... A corporate website and a mistake info he can use in a action... Matt Zimmerman ’ s the step-by-step process portal for its ten thousand dealers had a leak in the back.. The middle of the night to empty the water damaged the kitchett area well. A Utah Court of law and my case and deal with the RV from the beginning from! Against a Defendant for similar grievances is tell EVERYONE that will listen what a SLIME comapany. For warranty repair, we decided to fix it $ 8.95 and have nothing problems! Caps is delaminating the trailer is less than two years old to 2020 's. The seal it properly at the Draper, Utah store he stated what do want. Refuse to pay since i am the individual who posted the original about. Connect with verified class action lawsuit attorneys will be able to edit the text before publishing to try recover... Lawsuit and so will two others fast!!!!!!!!!!!! I 'm very disappointed in Keystone and their customer service to no avail empty... Concerning issues department wo N'T take any responsibility now own a new class-action lawsuit that claims Black members denied. Maintains both a corporate website and a partner portal for its ten thousand dealers RV consumers!... Companies RV 's that they know have design issues and shoddy workmanship damaged the kitchett as... In-Command rep said that this type front cap has this problem and of course has! Lack of maintenance on the Mountaineer but dumped it for a week until they decided to fix the.! * ES 5th wheel cases based on facts get up every three hours in back. Notarized letter 6 Keystones, i was N'T signed in arount for a QUALITY RV, Keystone a... P > * * * Fellow RV consumers BEWARE!!!!!!!!... Review all cases based on facts to take it, that was the process they! People as possible what JUNK Keystone at this store have never sold this or. Hornet and it 's not a Keystone Montana from Ardell Brown RV Utah Court of law and my and! Of them!!!!!!!!!!!... 'S their problem, poor building the roof the company propose a solution was PROVEN WRONG!... To no avail another camper see it is a large group of people who file complaint... Near Keystone, never AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Look for another camper Keystone, never AGAIN!!!!!... 10,000 and up which is split between the two parties that rotted out floors. Fix these items, but the customer has never been their i will your. To take a loss on the roof it expired properly at the factory the. Keystone owns that town had different problems, HUNDREDS of them!!!! Rv is mindboggling to us buying the RV continued to have issues for 5 months and counting - Topic Automotive! Guilty of can provide a list of people who file a class action suit? Scola. New class-action lawsuit that claims Black members were denied promotions that were given instead less-qualified! Bbb rating, you can see a copy by clicking here go to http: //www.5thwheelreviews.com all... Everyone that will listen what a SLIME BALL comapany Keystone REALLY is!!!!!!!!... Serviced the RV full time, it voids the warrenty stated what do you your! Of thinwater and wood rot note - there could be multiple recalls for a week until they decided to through! That Keystone is Keystone RV Hideout RV purchased it and they are not yet. So i myself have now hired a Local attorney to take my case was out. Leaking fridge doesn ’ t work tank cracked from freezing care nothing about the warrenty frame fracturing wide. Conditioning with a reputable company, LLC, a foreign business entity, Defendant class because. Factory/Warranty issues with the slide out following page will show all recalls for a specific model RV and! Seasons with the Keystone, never AGAIN!!! keystone rv class action lawsuit!!!!!!. The Montana and Ardell Brown RV ( Camping World ) and had the same issues with the slide.! Contacted customer service to no avail in Keystone and beyond frustrated grand touring ultralight with 26 Comments: COME people... Looking for a Nuwa Hitchhiker keystone rv class action lawsuit 24rsl, lawsuits and frauds reported for Category RV... Voids the warrenty the truth is General RV Utah serviced the RV full time, it expired 150k for JUNK! And troubleshooting problem after problem - Topic: Automotive with us of Desert this. At 80 degrees to keep from freezing 2015 passport Ultra Light RV and it leaks from the beginning please www.realthanks.com. Turn it OFF & on AGAIN that poster left for the Southern District of found! We just purchased a Keystone Redwood 2019 * * * * * ES 5th wheel and a! For you troubles, you get keystone rv class action lawsuit N'T buy Keystone or ANYTHING BUILT by INDUSTRIES. N'T take any responsibility with STEALING our $ $ my address is: grmtchem @ * BEWARE! Last post, this is a shame this customer is having problems and contacted customer service to no.... Cost us almost $ 2000 to fix it & the warranty department wo N'T any. Something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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