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In my previous post Measuring B2B Marketing Performance, I emphasized that identifying KPIs comes before the dashboard design. Here are some of our favorite client strategies to create your own B2BMA dashboards. The channels highlighted in this dashboard include email marketing, social media, revenue generation, inbound lead generation, digital advertising, and website performance. You can even edit the name of the notification so it’s clear at a glance what the notification is about. We extract pertinent data—web analytics, CRM, telesales, etc—and present it in an easy-to-understand dashboard to see how you're performing at any given time. Out-of-the-Box, Customizable Dashboards Have a full-funnel view of your business in one place, and create role-based dashboards for your team members. Ensuring that those are being tracked, arranged, and understood correctly. As marketers, we are constantly searching for the best tools to prove campaign ROI. Access which Pardot campaigns are representing the most Or you may see that certain campaigns have been unsuccessful and decide to cut B2B Marketing Analytics Advanced Marketing Analytics by Salesforce Pardot. Today, we understand that the ROI of individual campaigns is important, but even more important is demonstrating each campaign’s influence along the buyer’s journey. It is an essential part of any B2B marketing effort, as the information it provides will not only allow you to measure success but tweak your campaigns and efforts as they progress. It allows you to see the overall performance of your campaigns and marketing efforts across the buyer’s journey. can save, preview, and share the dashboard, just like you can individual lenses. Incomplet. A best-in-class B2B marketing automation solution, Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation offers campaign design, advanced lead scoring, real-time firmographic data, and integrated sales tools. About 86 percent also said they are “very” or “somewhat” successful at measuring the ROI of their analytics investments, which is 75 percent more than one year ago. B2B Marketing Analytics is included with Pardot Plus and Advanced editions, it is an analytics templated app and its purpose is to track engagement, pipeline, report on performance and ROI with its pre-built dashboards. The Marketing Manager dashboard gives marketers an overall view of pipeline health including cost and revenue, as well as the tactical details like a high-level view of engagement on emails, landing pages, and forms. This is because Salesforce has a new, streamlined way to access B2B Marketing Analytics and you will need to take some steps to access it. You can track your visitors turned into prospects, and measure which campaigns, forms, and form handlers are performing the best at getting visitors to convert from a first touch perspective. B2BMA is a Salesforce tool that uses powerful Einstein Analytics for customizable reporting dashboards, combining marketing and sales data from the Salesforce and Pardot platforms. Here's an example of a B2B company that was able to grow their monthly inbound lead volume by 209% after getting their marketing analytics organized in a way where they could properly attribute their sales to the accurate marketing channels. What are Pardot B2B Marketing Analytics reporting dashboards? In my previous post Measuring B2B Marketing Performance, I emphasized that identifying KPIs comes before the dashboard design. 45 min. time as a benchmark. Use the out-of-the-box dashboards and lenses or utilize the customization capabilities to build out your own. Whether it’s tracking your paid efforts or evergreen campaigns, you can monitor the assets, visitors, prospects, and opportunities associated with each campaign to truly understand how it is performing. If you don’t have goals and clearly defined metrics/KPIs for your project, program or marketing department, a dashboard is not going to help. How to Select the Best Dashboard Software for Your Business4.7 (93.71%) 35 ratings Dashboard is a very important tool for monitoring and controlling the situation within an organization. Assign the B2B Marketing Analytics permission set to the connector user and other users who need access to B2B Marketing Analytics dashboards and apps. As marketers, we are constantly searching for the best tools to prove campaign ROI. Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation. We hope this helps you kickstart your Pardot B2B Marketing Analytics dashboards. This insightful data helps you learn more about how your visitors interact with landing pages so you can make necessary adjustments. Curated analytics experience for B2B Marketers with out of the box apps, dashboards… Reaching the right people by leveraging data is … convert). As marketers, our success story is heavily reliant on the data. Create steps using the following data sets:Â. A chart to track Email Name – from here you can change the Bar Length to measure all sorts of things from Total Sent Emails, Opens, Delivery Rate, Opt Outs, etc. This series aims to demystify Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics for Marketers, taking you through how I get my clients up to speed, including creating datasets, lenses and dashboards and understanding how to leverage the data. The Engagement dashboard reveals information about how your strategy, content, and collaboration are resonating with your prospects. 45 min. See First Touch Attribution Alone One of the great things about B2BMA is the ability to bring all your reporting into one place.

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