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“If you were driving down the road and saw a kid walking from a car injured and bloody, do you ignore it?” she said. Eisenhower Elementary School in Flint denied Jabari an individualized education program. “It’d be safe to say there’s not enough allocation, much less when you have a situation like this,” said Steven Tunnicliff, the associate superintendent of the Genesee Intermediate School District, referring to the lead crisis. But incredible science has taught us that there's a lot we can do to promote the health and development of children and that's exactly what we're doing. He also expressed the need to “actually pay our teachers a living wage.”. It also operates early childhood centers and schools attended by Flint students. Cars line up for bottled water in Flint, Michigan. The Michigan Legislature’s recently passed budget provides a modest increase in education spending, but lawmakers rejected a proposal by the state’s new Democratic governor, Gretchen Whitmer, to give additional funding to schools with high concentrations of special education students, like Flint. Last year, she requested an aide after watching her son walk into buildings and almost fall down a flight of stairs. And anything that we're exposed to in our diet, what we eat, what we breathe, what we drink gets trapped in those growth rings. And in the areas where the water lead levels were the highest, in those parts of the city, we saw the greatest increase in children's lead levels. Before the crisis, about 15% of the kids in Flint required special education services. As Flint Water Crisis Enters Sixth Year, 'Astounding' Report Exposes Lies of Ex-Gov. “The blame for this crisis lies on the state, and instead what we’ve seen is that the children are shouldering the blame,” said Lindsay Heck, a lawyer at White & Case, a New York-based law firm that has worked on the case pro bono. Although it was once a thriving industrial centre, the city of Flint in souteastern Michigan Angy Keelin helping her blind son, Averey, brush his teeth. They lie so much and we know they lie, and I-- when they say something, it's like-- talking to the wind, you know. This summer, after an evaluation by the neurodevelopmental center, he was given a diagnosis of autism. Bethany Dumanois, who has taught in Flint for 25 years, works two jobs to keep teaching because she said she cannot abandon children whose discolored, rash-covered skin and chunks of exposed scalp haunt her. Another aspect of justice for Flint residents involves acknowledging that racism played a role in the water crisis, and working to dismantle racism. Kenyatta Dotson:  Maybe it would've happened in-- in a rich, white suburb. “We’re not here to prove causation,” she said. Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha: So there's not much we can do. Flint has taken important steps toward resolving the lead contamination crisis that made the impoverished Michigan city a symbol of the drinking water … that required him to have an aide, but the short-staffed Flint school district could not always provide one. And we compared them to the children's blood lead levels after the water switch. Copyright © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc.All rights reserved. Sharyn Alfonsi: Didn't anybody at that point say, "If it's corroding an engine, maybe this shouldn't be going into our bodies, into our kids?". Today, it educates 4,500 students on 11 campuses. Flint, Michigan, tried to save money on water. Dr. Mona estimates 14,000 kids in Flint under the age of six may have been exposed to lead in their water. Through the registry, already 2,000 Flint children who were exposed to lead have been connected to services such as speech and occupational therapy, which some may need for the rest of their lives. Lead in water impacts a younger age group. The residents in these areas had water of every color in the spectrum, such as brown, yellow, and black. That's just one issue. It was transferring millions of dollars from its operating budget to pay for special education, and in violation of federal law, it was segregating special education students from their peers for most of the school day. A small portion of a $600 million settlement will be used to improve services and supports for children impacted by the city's water crisis. I mean they were poisoned by this water.

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